Jochem Weierink (07-02-1990).

A s a son of two musicians Jochem was raised in an abundance of music. This musical upbringing inspired him to write music himself and combine this with his other passion; film. During his studies at the HKU he started writing music for film-trailers. Among others his music has been featured in trailers for Acadamy Award winning films such as The Imitation Game and Ida. Also highly acclaimed director Terrence Malick used Jochem’s music for the trailer of his film Knight of Cups. In 2017 Jochem scored his first feature film. While exploring the longer cinematics form Jochem continued writing trailer-music for Game of Thrones, Bumblebee and eventually the openings trailer of the 2019 Academy Awards. In 2022, after multiple Hollywood Music In Media & Buma Music In Media nominations, Jochem’s work for The North Water trailer has won him a Buma Music In Media Award. Writing music to images is what he loves to do most and hopes to continue this passion for the future.